The interpreters of traditional and contemporary Greek folk music

Greek music has found its roots in antiquity and Byzantine traditions.
In its present form you can recognize the gradual influence of the neighboring nations, living in Asia Minor and the Balkans.
It absorbs and molds a multitude of colors and traditions.
Sirtos is certainly one of the best European traditional ensembles that has well assimilated this traditional patrimony, revitalizing it and re-proposing it in a fresh and contemporary form.
Testify of the great albums produced and the reputation that have been built in many countries.
The Sirtos were formed in Budapest in 1980 where they strive for the spread of their traditions through intense concert activity but also educational initiatives. The repertoire of Sirtos draws on traditional Greek music, with particular reference to the themes and arias of the islands, the most open places to Asian influences. Traditional matter is a continuous subject of study, in-depth with frequent trips to Patria.

The arrangements respect the traditional canons and performances take place with typical instruments, among which a particular mention is the bouzouki, a prince instrument requiring extreme virtuosity, and the violin; They are entrusted respectively to Andreas and Katalin, the two founders of the group. Strings and wind instruments and percussion provide accompaniment.
Their concert alternates struggling ballads in overwhelming rhythms, in a sequence of traditional and original songs that manages to involve any audience. Sirtos is a highly experienced and well-known training company throughout Europe, which boasts tours a little everywhere and participation in major festivals.